Practical Information


Free WiFi is available in the University Medical Center Groningen. Please use the code: UMCG-Guest. 
If you agree to the terms of use, you are immediately online with your phone, tablet or laptop. Access automatically expires at 12 o'clock at night. After that you have to accept the terms and conditions again.

Tap-water is drinking water throughout the whole venue. There is a water tap-point near the registration desk in the UMCG.

The Back&Neck Forum 2023 secretariat and organisers cannot be held liable for personal accidents, loss of or damage to private property of the participants and accompanying persons, either during, or directly arising from Back&Neck Forum 2023. Participants should make their own arrangements for health and travel insurance.

Medical Insurance:
Visitors are not covered by Dutch health insurance plans. Check with your personal medical plan before leaving your home country to ensure you have adequate travel insurance.

Dress Code:
The dress code for the congress is informal for all occasions.

Average temperatures in Groningen during the month of August are generally between 18°C and 22°C .

Currency used, Banking, ATM and Credit Cards: 
currency used in the Netherlands is the Euro (€).
Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks and at foreign currency exchange offices either at
Schiphol Airport or at GWK Travellex Groningen
Bank debit or credit cards are the most convenient means of getting cash at the many ATMs, 
spread throughout the city. Most are in operation 24 hours a day/7 days a week. There is also an ATM near the gift store at the main entrance of the UMCG.
Most restaurants, hotels and shops accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).

Electricity Sockets take 2 pin round plugs. The
voltage standard in the Netherlands is 230 volts/50 Hz.

Time Zone:
The time in the Netherlands is 1 hour ahead of UTC. The current timezone in the Netherlands is Central European Time (CET). The Netherlands is currently observing Daylight Saving Time (started at March 26, 2023). Please check the
UTC Converter to convert local time.